20 Things To Know Before Buying a New Smartphone – New Smartphone Buying guide 2023

Things To Know Before Buying a New Smartphone? Everyone has this question. Everybody having their priorities, one person needs performance, other want best camera quality and some people want longer battery life. There is total 4 million smartphones are selling every day.

Actually, we depend on smartphone nowadays, every day we use smartphone for to get Daily Updates, Watch movies, Listening songs, Play games, Capture Photos and many more…

In today’s life phones are becoming smart but we are not. The market of smartphones is amply. We have verities of smartphone in market, but at the shopping time we get confused. Here I am telling some tips about smartphone guide and I am sure that this will help many people to get the right smartphone with their specific budget.



Best Processor For Smartphone
Best Processor For Smartphone

Processor is brain of smartphone, it performs all the necessary task such as run any application, do calculations, process data and many more.

In today’s smartphone competition Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, Apple Bionic, MediaTek and HiSilicon Kirin theses are the five competitors in the market. You can buy anyone of this brand as suitable of your work. Qualcomm Snapdragon and Apple Bionic processors having high GeekBench score compared to other processors. This will allow you to do multitasking very easily. The more cores in processors more application you will perform easily. This processor will enhance your picture quality and boost your speed while playing games.

If you want budget friendly smartphone so you can go for MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon (Below 800). This processor work fine doing basic task and calculations.

Ram (Random Access Memory)

Best Ram For Smartphone
Best Ram For Smartphone

Ram help you to store the data at certain time limit, this will help us to multitasking without any interruptions. Remember “More Ram Better Performance”. This will also reduce the heating of smartphone. Now in 2023 smartphone having 6GB, 8GB and almost 12GB ram so this will help us to do fast switching between apps and play heavy graphics games. So, for best optimization more Ram is important.


Build Quality

Smartphone Build Quality
Smartphone Build Quality

In this section we should check the durability of smartphone. Now smartphones are coming with the metal and plastic body.

Glass vs Plastic vs Metal Body

Metal Bodies are more durable compared to plastics bodies, In drop test metal bodies are survive dropping from 2-3 feet height. Plastic bodies having light weight compared to metal bodies. This type of bodies having glass back which is made of the though glasses which prevents the smartphone from breakage falling the lower height.



Smartphone battery
Smartphone battery

Mobile batteries are mainly Lithium-ion rechargeable and now use to reverse charge another mobile. The battery capacity is varying from person to person, for normal daily use 3500mah to 4000mah capacity is enough. For hardcore gamers and passionate photographer battery with above 4500mah will be beneficial.

But when there is high-capacity battery then weight will be increase, so choose according to your use.


Charging Speed

Smartphone charging speed
Smartphone charging speed

Another aspect of smartphone is charging speed. In how much time smartphone is charging is important now because “Time is Money”. Smartphone is full charged in 2 or more hours, But now technology is changed Qualcomm company made around 65w fast charging technology in smartphone, which charged smartphone around 30 to 45min. It is important to use proper charger with 5A charging cable to charge the smartphone. Don’t charge when smartphone in temperature is high.

Wireless Smartphone Charging

Wireless smartphone charging
Wireless smartphone charging

Also look for the new feature in smartphone that is wireless charging and many smartphones having reverse wireless charging also, so you can charge your spare mobile in emergency as well wireless earphone.



Smartphone storage
Smartphone storage

Storage of a smartphone use for to save document, photos, videos and apps. Now smartphone is coming with only internal storage to enhance the read/write speed. Some mobile having external slot to increase the storage by using SD card, but this SD card’s ready/write speed is low compared to internal memory.

If you are using more apps, download movies or songs, take more photos than you go for minimum 128 GB storage, or else you can save this data to external hard drive or upload to the cloud. To manage your storage, you can delete app caches, remove unused apps, format your smartphone in 6 months so that junk files will delete.



The Best Camera Smartphone
The Best Camera Smartphone

Camera is combination of hardware and software; it will take your photos and videos. Choosing a right camera is varies to person to person according to their use. also there is a myth that more megapixel means better photos, but truth is more megapixel means quality of picture is high, photo will be sharp on small screen.

Now smartphone come with two, three even four cameras on back and one camera in rare. This for camera having their own specifications one is for portrait, other is for ultrawide and one for micro shots. Smartphone are now come with optical zoom, Enhance night mode, image stabilization.

People can now record 4K resolution video with smartphone camera as well as capture Raw photos. By using various mobile apps user manually control ISO, Aperture and shutter speed to capture a perfect photo.

So you can buy a smartphone with minimum 13 megapixel with F/2.0 for better picture quality and record videos. For professional photographers I will suggest smartphone with high megapixel and low aperture(f/1.4).



Smartphone Display
Smartphone Display

Display is an interface which users are interact with their smartphones. Display having panel of pixel which shows images and videos on it.

Smartphone displays are now coming with high resolution screen, high aspect ratios, and better refresh rate. The size of display is varying from user, it is coming with 4 to 6 inches and even more. There are some foldable display smartphones available in market.

There are two types of display in smartphone one comes with LCD and other one is OLED. LCD is cheaper compared with the OLED. OLED display is deep black and having high contrast, so you will enjoy movies on smartphone.

To protect the display there is corning Gorilla Glass layer on display. Buy a smartphone which is having minimum Gorilla Glass 4 layer on display and you can apply tempered glass on display to save form scratches.


Operating system

Best Operating System For Mobile
Best Operating System For Mobile

The operating system is software that interact with smartphone hardware and software resources. The OS is operating process management, Input/output operations and memory allocations process.

Android vs iOS

Android and iOS these are operating system in smartphones. Google invented Android and now used in many smartphone companies such as Samsung, MI, Oppo, LG etc. iOS invented by Apple company and used only in iPhone.

Both Android and iOS having their own features. In Android you will get more customization and you can run multiple apps simultaneously, in other hand iOS is better to use on there interface and having best security features.


Headphone Jack / USB Port

Smartphone Headphone Jack - USB Port
Smartphone Headphone Jack – USB Port

Headphone jack allows you connect wired headphone to listen songs and take calls. Headphone jack provides you to listen audio without any Bluetooth connection or any additional adapters. Mainly smartphones come with 3.5mm jack or now companies eliminated headphone jack in favor of wireless headphones.

USB port allows user to charge their phones, Reverse charge other phone, Transfer data to and from any device. There are multiple types of USB ports in smartphones like USB-C, Micro-USB, USB-A. But all of this USB-C is more popular for fast charging and fast data transfer. Also USB port allows you to connect wireless mouse or keyboard by using OTG cable/Dongle.


Audio / Speaker

Smartphone Audio - Speaker
Smartphone Audio – Speaker

Sound is a major feature in smartphone, that allows user to answer calls, listen music, receive notifications and alerts. Smartphone speakers are located at the bottom of mobile or front of the device. They can be any shape and size. Some smartphone having mono(single) sound and some having stereo sound.

If you love to watch movies so you go for front facing speaker, this will also help you in video calling.



Smartphone connectivity
Smartphone connectivity

Connectivity in smartphone is ability to connect other device/network to share data, get internet access, communicate each other.

Before buying a smartphone make sure you check all the connection parameters i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular network. Make sure you check mobile supports 3G, 4G sim cards. Also, you check for smartphone having dual sim connectivity.

Having the latest version of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection will allow you send and receive data smoothly.


User Interface

Smartphone User Interface
Smartphone User Interface

Smartphone UI is graphical interface which allows user to interact with the device’s features and functions. The UI includes many elements like Buttons, Menu, Widgets that enable users to access functions and navigate the device.

UI design main work is provide a logical and understood experience for you, also ameliorate the use of screen real estate.

Mobile UI is also responsible for Display font size, accessibility, Color Contrast, support for convenient technologies such as screen reading.


Water Resistance

Waterproof mobile
Waterproof mobile

It is important that “Water Resistance” does not mean the device is waterproof. If you like to use your smartphone in water like in swimming pool to take photos you must check the IP ratings of your smartphone.

In IP67 certification is your smartphone will be secured under 1 meter of leap for time of 30 minutes. IP68 as a rule implies you’re getting at least 1.5 meters, Apple is the company is giving IP68 rating in smartphone.



Smartphone Security
Smartphone Security

Mobile device security is an important feature that ensures the protection of personal and sensitive information stored on the smartphone. Mobiles are prone to security threats like malware, viruses, hacking, and data breaches. Manufacturers have added security features to safeguard mobile devices and users from threats.

Passwords, fingerprints, face recognition and PINs secure mobile devices, allowing only authorized users to access their contents. App permissions give users to control app access to smartphone info, like contacts or location. Secure boot ensures that only trusted software loads on device startup, stopping unauthorized software from compromising security.


Brand Value

Smartphone Brand Value
Smartphone Brand Value

A brand’s value depends on its product quality, innovation, customer service, design, and marketing. A strong brand can boost sales, loyalty, and market share. Maintaining a robust brand reputation is essential for mobile phone companies to remain competitive in the market.

Top mobile phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus have high brand value for their excellent products, innovative features, and great customer service. Consumers gravitate towards well-known brands with a reputation for quality and innovation, even if the cost is higher than less recognized brands.


Smartphone Price

Smartphone Price
Smartphone Price

Last but not least Price is crucial in the mobile industry and influences consumers’ buying decisions. Prices vary widely based on brand, features, specs, and market demand. Some brands prioritize premium devices with high prices, while others concentrate on affordable options with basic features.

The cost of a mobile phone impacts its market position and audience. Top-of-the-line gadgets with cutting-edge technology draw tech-savvy buyers willing to pay more for innovative features. Conversely, budget-conscious individuals opt for cheaper models, compromising some features for a lower cost.

The cost of a mobile phone affects the brand’s profit and market share. Overpriced phones limit market reach, while underpriced phones harm profits. In summary, both consumers and mobile phone manufacturers must consider pricing carefully. Balancing competitive pricing with high-quality features is essential for success.

Things To Know Before Buying a New Smartphone? FAQ

Before buying a new smartphone, consider your priorities such as performance, camera quality, and battery life. With 4 million smartphones being sold daily, they have become a necessity for everyday tasks such as updates, movies, music, games, and photography.

Wireless charging is convenient but generates more heat and is slower than wired charging, potentially damaging your battery. Wired charging is faster and better for your battery's health but can wear down the charging port over time.

Megapixels aren't everything in a camera. Image quality depends on factors like sensor size, lens quality, and processing power. More megapixels could mean higher resolution but also larger file sizes and lower quality in low-light. Other factors like lens quality, image stabilization, and processing affect a camera's image quality.

It's hard to determine which smartphone brand is superior due to personal preferences and priorities. Best brand depends on user needs like design, performance, camera, battery, updates, and price.

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