Best Portronics Laptop Stand Price In India 2023

We should make sure we are comfortable and healthy while using our laptops because we spend a lot of time on them. A good way to make your laptop more comfortable and healthy to use is to buy a Portronics Laptop stand for it. This will help you sit in a better position, stop your neck and eyes from getting tired, and keep your computer cool.

This blog will talk about different Portronics Laptop stands for laptops, what to think about when choosing one, and why using one is helpful. We will give you advice on how to use and take care of your laptop stand correctly. By the end of this post, you will know why using a Portronics laptop stand is necessary and how it can make your work or study routine better.

Portronics Laptop Stands

Price in India
Portronics My Buddy+ Portable Foldable Rs. 2,199
Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 Rs. 391
Portronics My Buddy K2 Portable Rs. 749
Portronics My Buddy K Foldable Height Adjustable Rs. 599
Portronics My Buddy K6 Portable Rs. 2,499


Types of Portronics Laptop Stands

There are many types of Portronics stands for laptops, each with its own special things that make them good. These are the most popular kinds:

A. Adjustable Portronics Laptop Stands:

These stands can be changed to go higher or lower and can also tilt, so people can adjust them to how they want them to be.

1. Height Adjustable Stands: You can change how high or low your laptop sits on these stands to make it more comfortable for you. If you work for a long time, using this can stop your neck and shoulders from getting tired and sore.

2. Angle Adjustable Stands: Angle adjustable stands are things that you can use to change the angle of your computer screen so that you can see it better the way you like. This can be very useful in decreasing bright light and discomfort in the eyes.


B. Portable Portronics Laptop Stands:

These stands are made to be light and easy to carry, so they’re great for busy people who travel a lot.

1. Folding Stands: Folding stands are helpful because they can be easily folded and take up very little space in your bag or backpack. This makes them an ideal choice for people who need to work in different places.

2. Lightweight Stands: Lightweight stands are made of light materials like aluminum or plastic, so you can easily take them with you anywhere you go.

When you pick a stand for your laptop, think about what’s important to you and what you need. If you work from different places, a stand that is easy to move around might be the best choice for you. If your neck or eyes hurt, a stand that can be changed to suit your needs might be the best solution. In the end, we want to find a laptop stand that helps you work or study better and makes you more comfortable.


Best Portronics Laptop Stand

1. Portronics My Buddy+ Portable Foldable Laptop Table with Cooling Fan

Portronics My Buddy+ Portable Foldable Laptop Table with Cooling Fan

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  • Portable elegance: Attractive design and foldable legs for easy portability.
  • Voltage: 5W, USB 2.0.
  • Materials: MDF Board with adjustable legs and top (0-30 degrees) with soft notches.
  • Compatible with all laptop models and includes a separate mouse pad.
  • Includes a cooling fan to prevent overheating and is easy to clean.
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches.


2. Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 Adjustable Tabletop Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 Adjustable Tabletop Laptop Stand with Mobile Holder

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  • This stand, made with ABS Plastic, is sturdy and dependable, providing a secure grip for your laptop.
  • It’s not heavy or difficult to lift.
  • Easily transportable and lightweight stand with a strong base and built.
  • The stand stimulates air flow, keeping your laptop cool and reducing overheating risk.
  • Anti-slip pads for safety, keeping your laptop in place.
  • The stand accommodates devices up to 15.6 inches.


3. Portronics My Buddy K2 Portable Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy K2 Portable Laptop Stand with 7 Adjustable Level

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  • It offers ergonomic design and anti-slip protection for comfortable use of your laptop in bed or on the go.
  • Pads prevent laptop surface scratches. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum. Holds up to 15″ devices, 30kgs.
  • It Facilitates airflow, prevents overheat, enables longer use.
  • Improves body posture during long laptop use.
  • Adjust the height to avoid injury while binge-watching TV.


4. Portronics My Buddy K Foldable Height Adjustable Metal Frame Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy K Foldable Height Adjustable Metal Frame Laptop Stand, Ergonomic

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  • Designed to help balance sitting posture for back, neck, and wrist comfort, even after long work hours.
  • Lightweight and elegant, with six adjustable viewing angles.
  • Fully foldable and lightweight, this laptop stand is easy to carry in your office bag.
  • It keeps your laptop cooler, increases battery life, and improves internal components’ life.
  • Made of aluminum alloy and silicone, it can carry up to 4 Kgs. Includes 12-month warranty.


5. Portronics My Buddy K6 Portable Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy K6 Portable Laptop Stand for Desk with 360° Rotating Base

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  • With a 360°rotating base, you can easily view your laptop from any angle.
  • Its all-metallic build adds to its sturdy yet sleek design that complements your workspace.
  • Ergonomic laptop stand holds up to 10kg weight, promotes good posture during long hours of work.
  • The Portronics laptop table customizes posture for comfort and keeps laptops safe with built-in vents.
  • Silicone-coated stand prevents laptop from slipping.


Portronics Laptop Stand FAQ

1. What are the benefits of using a laptop stand?

If you use a laptop stand, it can make your body feel better. It can help your neck and eyes not get tired, help you sit straight, let air flow better, and prevent your laptop from getting too hot.


2. How do I use a laptop stand?

To use a laptop stand, place it on a stable surface, adjust it to the desired height and angle, place your laptop securely on it, and adjust your laptop’s position to ensure that the screen is at eye level and the keyboard is at a comfortable angle.


3. Can using a laptop stand prevent back pain?

Using a stand for your laptop can keep you from getting back pain or having trouble with your posture. It helps you sit in a way that feels comfortable and makes your body feel good.


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