Bulk JPG to PDF – ImageMagick – Best Trick 2023

In today’s world, where we use digital media for most of our work, it is essential to know how to convert files from one format to another. One such conversion is from bulk JPG to PDF. This conversion is useful when you want to convert multiple images into pdf document, making it easier to share and store.

Reasons to convert bulk JPG to PDF: Multipage documents are easier to share as a PDF, PDFs have a smaller file size, and PDFs allow for text recognition. PDFs preserve original document quality when printed.

To begin with this blog first understand the concept of JPG and PDF. JPG is image format widely use in photographs and design template. On the other hand, PDF is document file which contains text and images. PDF is more flexible and shareable than other document formats. In this blog we will learn how to convert multiple JPG files into PDF files buy using ImageMagic plugin with CMD. So lets start with

Step 1: First install ImageMagick plugin tool

ImageMagick is an open-source software used for editing and converting images. It supports multiple file formats including JPEG, PNG and PDF. Download this link from the following link : https://imagemagick.org/script/download.php#windows

or Click Here

Step 2: Installation of ImageMagick plugin

  1. Just double click on ImageMagick plugin.exe file and click on next.
    Install ImageMagick plugin
    Install ImageMagick plugin


  2. Make sure you check these boxes.
    Install ImageMagick plugin
    Install ImageMagick plugin 2


  3. Complete this setup.


Step 3: Check ImageMagick plugin install properly

Once you install ImageMagick plugin, Open CMD and press “Magick”. If this message appears, then you installed correctly.

Check Magick install or not - BULK JPG to PDF
Check Magick install or not


Step 4: Convert JPG to PDF

  1. Open CMD (Clicking on path and type CMD)
    Open CMD Shortcut
    Open CMD Shortcut


  2. Write a formula for Bulk JPG to PDF i.e., “Magick FileName.jpg NewName.pdf”
    Magick formula for jpg to pdf - BULK JPG to PDF
    Magick formula for jpg to pdf


  3. Once you write this formula you will see the file is converted from JPG to PDF.

    Converted File - BULK JPG to PDF
    Converted File


Step 5: Bulk JPG to PDF

  1. First take the listing of the folder by using cmd.
  2. Open CMD and go to the path where all the files are located and then type “dir/s/b/on>1.xls” this will create an excel file which having all file names.
    File Listing in CMD - BULK JPG to PDF
    File Listing in CMD


  3. Now open the excel file and you will see the file names with path, but we want only file names.
    How to delimited the path - BULK JPG to PDF
    How to delimited the path


  4. Now select the column and click “Alt + A + E or Go to Data> Text to Column”.
    Path Delimited steps - BULK JPG to PDF
    Path Delimited steps


  5. Select Delimited and click on next, now in other box press “\”, so you will get all File names separated.
    Path Delimited process - BULK JPG to PDF
    Path Delimited process


  6. Now Copy all the file names and paste it on the new excel.
    Get all File Names - BULK JPG to PDF
    Get all File Names


  7. Make a formula “Magick FileName.jpg NewName.pdf” in Excel and concatenate all the names in one cell.
    Concatenate File name - BULK JPG to PDF
    Concatenate File name


  8. Now Merge all the cell & Copy all the file names.
    Merge all Names - BULK JPG to PDF
    Merge all Names


  9. Open CMD where all the files are located and Paste it all the names in CMD.
    Open CMD - BULK JPG to PDF
    Open CMD


  10. After some seconds you will get all the files in pdf.
    Files are converted from JPG to PDF -BULK JPG to PDF
    Files are converted from JPG to PDF



Converting a Bulk JPG to PDF is quick and practical, saving time and simplifying document sharing and storage. With proper tools and tips, ensure a successful conversion that meets your requirements.



By using ImageMagick Plugin you can easily convert jpg files into pdf files. The process is easy and reliable. Just by using ImageMagick plugin and CMD you can convert bult jpg to pdf

ImageMagick is used in web development, graphic design, video editing, among other industries. Its customizable nature and strong image processing capabilities make it popular for many image-related tasks. It has a command-line interface and APIs for software integration, is written in C, and works on multiple operating systems.

This is depends on your work, How much data are you processing. Initially for 50 files of jpg to convert into pdf files it takes around 5 minutes and It also vary from your device to device processing speed.

JPG is a compressed image format, often used for digital photos and graphics. Its compression reduces file size, aiding in internet sharing. It's not recommended for text-heavy docs or sharp-edged imagery, as artifacts or distortion can arise.

PDF preserves document format regardless of software/hardware used. Contains text, images, graphics, interactive elements. Not compressed, retains high quality at all zoom levels. Ideal for printing at any size without resolution loss.


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