Processor is brain of smartphone, it performs all the necessary task such as run any application, do calculations, process data and many more.


Ram help you to store the data at certain time limit, this will help us to multitasking without any interruptions.

Build Quality

Metal Bodies are more durable compared to plastics bodies, In drop test metal bodies are survive dropping from 2-3 feet height.


Mobile batteries are mainly Lithium-ion rechargeable and now use to reverse charge another mobile. The battery capacity is varying from person to person, for normal daily use 3500mah to 4000mah capacity is enough.

Charging Speed

Smartphone is full charged in 2 or more hours, But now technology is changed Qualcomm company made around 65w fast charging technology in smartphone, which charged smartphone around 30 to 45min.

Wireless Charging

Also look for the new feature in smartphone that is wireless charging and many smartphones having reverse wireless charging also, so you can charge your spare mobile in emergency as well wireless earphone.


Storage of a smartphone use for to save document, photos, videos and apps. Now smartphone is coming with only internal storage to enhance the read/write speed.

Operating system

The OS is operating process management, Input/output operations and memory allocations process.


Camera is combination of hardware and software; it will take your photos and videos. There is a myth that more megapixel means better photos


Camera is combination of hardware and software; it will take your photos and videos. There is a myth that more megapixel means better photos

Headphone Jack / USB Port

Headphone jack allows you connect wired headphone to listen songs and take calls. USB port allows user to charge their phones, Reverse charge other phone, Transfer data to and from any device.

Audio / Speaker

Sound is a major feature in smartphone, that allows user to answer calls, listen music, receive notifications and alerts.


Connectivity in smartphone is ability to connect other device/network to share data, get internet access, communicate each other.

User Interface

Smartphone UI is graphical interface which allows user to interact with the device’s features and functions.

Water Resistance

It is important that “Water Resistance” does not mean the device is waterproof. If you like to use your smartphone in water like in swimming pool to take photos you must check the IP ratings of your smartphone.


Mobile device security is an important feature that ensures the protection of personal and sensitive information stored on the smartphone.

Brand Value

A brand’s value depends on its product quality, innovation, customer service, design, and marketing.

Smartphone Price

Prices vary widely based on brand, features, specs, and market demand.