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1. Lavalier Microphones

The Boya BY-M1 may be a prevalent and reasonable lavalier amplifier from Boya.

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2. Shotgun Microphones

The Boya BY-MM1 could be a well known shotgun amplifier from Boya that’s reasonable and flexible.

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3. Wireless microphones:

Boya offers a extend of remote mouthpiece frameworks, counting the BY-WM4 and BY-WM8, which are outlined for diverse sorts of recording situations.

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4. Condenser microphones

Boya offers a run of condenser amplifiers, counting the BY-DM100, which could be a advanced condenser receiver outlined for utilize with smartphones.

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5. USB microphones

The Boya BY-PM700 may be a prevalent USB receiver from Boya that provides plug-and-play comfort and professional-level sound quality.

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