The Beginner's Guide to Multimeter

Do you like fixing electrical stuff or gadgets? If yes, then you may have seen a tool called a Multimeter. Everyone who works with electricity should have a multimeter in their toolbox.

A multimeter is a tool that measures electricity. It can measure different things with electricity. This device does many different measurement jobs and you can take it with you easily.

Types of Multimeters

There are two main kinds of multimeters: those that are analog and those that are digital.

Measurement Functions

1. Voltage

2. Current

3. Resistance

4. Continuity

5. Capacitance

6. Frequency

7. Temperature

Multimeter Price

There are different types of multimeters that come at different prices to suit different needs and budgets.

Advanced Features

1. True RMS

2. Data logging

3. Wireless connectivity

4. Specialized versions

Future Trends in Multimeter Technology

1. Remote network

2. Savvy multimeters

3. Miniaturization

4. Upgraded estimation capabilities

Troubleshooting with a Multimeter

1. Voltage drop test

2. Continuity test

3. Resistance measurement

4. Diode test

5. Current measurement